HSMS Gotaland (CDC-1914)


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Scandinavias first try at building a 'Dreadnought Coast Defence Cruiser' arrived to mixed reviews. The design had been based on the Italian Dante Allighieri type but with cruiser armour. The two ships were to be the first of the Scandinavian Navies policy of a few big 'ships of force' to back up the more numerous patrol craft. The two ships made a good impression and were certainly better than the Invincible and Von Der Tann types with more guns to the broadside and comparable armour and speed. Once in service the failings of having a center 'Q' turret became apparent and this would be rectified in the next class.

One of the best features was to mount the secondary 5.9" in turrets that then allowed them to be used in all weathers and seaways which was impossible for those ships that had their secondary armaments mounted in casemates. A few 3.9" anti-torpedoboat guns rounded out a more than usefull armament.

1932 and the ships 20th birthday was fast looming. Do they survive or go to the breakers or sold to some wannabe warlord. The worlds powers were rebuilding the old ships as it took less than half the time to do this as to build a new ship, and new ships would begin to be built anyway. The next problem was one for Bofors, what size of gun would be used fo the new dual purpose weapons that would arm the rebuilt capital ships for the next 10-15 years. Sizes from 3.9" to 5.5" (100mm to 140mm) were mooted. Note was taken of the closest powers and what they were proposing for their ships and eventually Bofors settled on a 4.7" (120mm) gun in single and twin turrets. These were replaced by high powered 100mm (3.9") in single, twin and triple automatic mountings in the later 1930's. Other pure AA weapons in 20mm, 40mm and 57mm were trialled and built during the same period. The 40mm and 57mm being further automatic mountings. The automatic mountings when slaved to decent Radar instalations proved that surface ships could still survive against direct air attack. Then of course the aircraft got a standoff capability (HX-Fritz) and the cycle continues. The two ships were further added to by new superstructure, propulsion system, new 'open ocean' bow, and of major assistance was the aircraft handling facilities.


Displacement As built 1914

18,700 tons std

22,600 tons full load

As rebuilt 1933-35

20,300 tons std

25,800 tons full load

Length 529 ft 573.5 ft
Breadth 83.5 ft 83.5 ft
Draught 25 ft 26 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbines, 45,000shp 4 Shaft steam turbines, 70,000shp
Speed 25 knots as built (28 knots as rebuilt)
Range 4000 miles at 15 knots (2000 at 24knots)
Armour 8.2" side, 2.8" (4.1" Rebuilt) deck, 8.2"/5.9"/3.9" turrets
Armament As built

9 x 11" (3x3)

8 x 5.9" (8x1)

8 x 3.9" (8x1)


As Rebuilt 1933-35

9 x 11" (3x3)

12 x 4.7" (6x2)

6 x 40mm (6x1)

10 x 20mm (3x2 4x1)

Aircraft nil 2
Torpedoes nil
Complement 880 940
Notes HSMS Gotaland

HSMS Norrland


Single 5.9" turret and twin 4.7", turret shown is a destroyers with ASW launcher mounted on the sides.


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