HMS Algerine (MS-1941)


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From Wiki: By 1940 the Royal Navy had realized that the Bangor-class minesweepers were too small to carry the equipment needed to handle magnetic mines. A bigger ship was designed, ironically about the same size as the older Halcyon class that the Royal Navy had rejected earlier as too large and expensive for mass production. The size of the new ship made them suitable for use as ocean-going escort ships and many were used in that role to fill a critical shortage of escorts. In fact most of the ships built by Southern Africa were solely employed as such and were fitted with more dedicated anti-submarine weapons than the RN ships. To maximise production, alternate designs were made to use either steam turbines or reciprocating steam engines.

The Algerine class was armed with a QF 4 in (102 mm) Mk V anti-aircraft gun
and four twin-gun mounts for Oerlikon 20 mm cannon. The latter guns were in short supply when the first ships were being completed and they often got a proportion of single mounts. By 1944, single-barrel Bofors 40 mm mounts began replacing the twin 20 mm mounts on a one for one basis. All of the ships were fitted for four throwers and two rails for depth charges. Many ships omitted their sweeping gear in exchange for a 24-barrel Hedgehog spigot mortar and a stowage capacity for 90+ depth charges.

124 were built, 90 in the United Kingdom and 34 in Southern Africa.

After the war, a number continued in service as
patrol boats, survey ships, and training ships. Some were sold to other navies or into merchant service. At least one - HMS Pickle (commanded by Lt. Cmdr. Hallifax and, later, Lt. Cmdr, Collins) - was still engaged in minesweeping duties in British waters as late as 1955. At least one Algerine is still in service with the Royal Thai Navy: HTMS Phosampton (ex-HMS Minstrel).

Displacement 950 tons std, 1360 tons full load.
Length 226 ft
Breadth 35.5 ft
Draught 12 ft
Machinery 2 shaft, 2,000-2,400 shp, turbine or reciprocating
Speed 16-17 knots
Range 5000 miles at 10 knots
Armament As Completed

1 x 4" (1x1) LA
4-8 x 20mm (4x1 or 2x1 2x2, or 4x2)
replaced by 4 x 1 - 40mm from 1943
Complement 85-96
Notes First of class completed Jan/1941

Note the single 40mm have replaced the twin 20mm .

Algerines sunk in action:

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