Colour Class Destroyer Leaders (1929-37)


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The A-I leaders were bigger than the A-I ships they were to lead as it was necessary to have the extra accomodation required by Captain 'D' and his servants. This could entail anything from 20 to 35 extra bodies on board ship.To allow for this beside being bigger the ships also had extra superstructure amidships to take the overflow. Various different armaments and layouts made the group only share length and breadth and some standard features internally. One of the main problems with larger leaders to smaller destroyers was the difference in handling characteristics made for some interesting maneuvers when the ships were training together.

After Some discussion in Shipbucket I have raised the bridge levels a couple of feet to enhance forward vision from the wheelhouse.

Some of the early ships had 5 x 4.5" when completed and these were replaced with 4.5" dual purpose guns as the ships went through their refit schedules 1936+. The ships completed after 1935 had the 4.5" dual purpose guns fitted.  The war altered many things from armament to RADAR and ASDIC, HuffDuff and a lot of other equipment was fitted. The ships having to have various bits and pieces removed to lessen topwieght.

Displacement 1700 tons std, 2350 tons full load.
Length 355 ft
Breadth 37 ft
Draught 12 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 40,000shp
Speed 35 knots
Range 6000 miles at 15 knots
Armour nil
Armament As Completed 1929-35:
5 x 4.5" LA (5x1)
1 x 3" AA (1x1)
2 x 2pd (2x1)
Refits and New 1936+
5 x 4.5" DP (5x1)
6 x 2pd (1x4, 2x1)
Refits 1940+
5 x 4.5" DP (5x1)
2 x 40mm (1x2)
6 x 20mm (2x2 2x1)
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4)
Complement 210
Notes Amber


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