HMS Goliath/Albion (1928)


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The WNT meant that the Goliath and Bulwark could not be completed as battleships, but the WNT did allow for them to be converted to Aircraft Carriers. Depending on which version of the Fisherless RN I am following, either the two Goliath and Bulwark get converted, or if those two ships are retained to replace the Nelson and Rodney then the fourth Majestic Class ship the Albion is converted to a CV and the later Apollo is built to make up the pair. The turrets and guns built for these two ships and the cancelled Albion were placed in storage and later re-used on the new King George V class battleships. This changes depending on which ships get converted. The removal of the armour and main armament gave a large amount of tonnage to put to its new purpose. The main armament was to be the twelve six inch casemate guns originally fitted, this was in line with the other countries putting up to 10x8" on their conversions. Heavy AA was provided by six single 4" and the light AA by 8 single 2 pounder pom poms.

The modernisation of the two Goliaths' remodelled the bridge and replaced the single 4" with a new twin 4" battery, with quad and octuple pom poms, while single 20mm replaced the single 2pd guns. The single six inch casemate battery had been removed in 1933 and the space used for more Hangar space and accommodation which always seemed to be in short supply. The air group of 70 aircraft had two squadrons of Fairey SeaBattles (25), one squadron of Blackburn Skuas (15), and two squadrons of Gloster Griffons (30).

As Completed 1928.

Displacement: 37,000 tons normal 42,500 tons full load.
Dimensions: 764 x 106 (hull) x 28 feet 
Machinery: 4 shaft, steam turbines, 130,000shp
Speed: 28 knots
Endurance: 12,000 miles at 15 knots
Armour: 4" belt, 4" main deck.
12 x 6" (12x1)
6 x 4" (6x1)
8 x 2pd (8x1)
Aircraft: 70
Crew: 1800

Armament from 1940:
16 x 4" (8x2)
80 x 2pd (10x8)
28 x 20mm (28x1)

25 x Sea Battles
15 x Skua
30 x Griffon


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