HMS Vengeance (BB-1941)


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The Vanguard type had been created from the re-use of refurbished turrets, those turrets being twin and triple 15". However a dozen 13.5" twin turrets were also available to be fitted into new ships in a similar style. The turrets would be refurbished to bring them up to modern standards. Range and weight of shell. Range would be extended by raising the elevation of the guns, and firepower would be kept with the heavy 1400 pound shell. Eventually three ships were produced, two in the United Kingdom (HMS Vengeance and HMS Vigilant) and one in Australis (HMAS New Zealand).

1941 and the Vengeance finishes its work-up period in May 1941 and is sent to join Force H, where its speed should allow it to run down and sink Italian cruisers. The ships heavy AA battery would also be of use in the Mediterranean theater. Vengeance returned to the UK in 1942 to be refitted, this included removing the aircraft handling facilities, placing the ships boats in that area and enhancing the heavy AA with another pair of 8 barrel pom-pom's. On completion of this refit, the Vengeance joined the Vigilant and Indomitable to become Force 'F'. On completion of the Illustrious' refit of 1942 it was also allocated to Force 'F'.

The UK based vessels used Fairey Swordfish, the Australis ship used the Supermarine Walrus.


Displacement 33,500 tons std, 39,500 tons full load
Length 742 feet
Breadth 96 feet
Draught 31 feet
Machinery 4 shaft, geared turbines, 150,000shp
Speed 32 knots
Range 7,500 miles at 16 knots
Armour 12" side, 5.5" deck, 12"-8" turrets.
Armament 8 x 13.5" (4x2)
20 x 4.5" (10x2)
56 x 2pd (7x8)
30 x 20mm (30x1)
Aircraft 2
Torpedoes nil
Complement 1450
Notes HMS Vengeance (03/1941)

HMS Venerable (07/1941)

HMAS New Zealand (03/1942)

Old drawing of original 'Tiger' class.

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