HMS Barfleur (BB-1918)


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The Barfleur class were the follow on from the excellent Queen Elizabeth class ships. These three ships introduced the triple turret to the Royal Navy for large calibre guns. The 15" gun was retained and a new triple turret designed for them. The one thing that was taken into consideration was the lengthening ranges at which battles were taking place. For this the elevation of the turrets was increased to 40 degrees. Range increased from 29,000 yards to 36,500 yards. More innovations raised the 6" casemate battery up one deck and made those guns much more useful and less prone to wave damage. This was also made possible by the introduction of the triple 15" turret. The barbette for the triple 15" required a wider hull to fit the extra reinforcing to hold the barbette in place. The extra width of hull gave extra stability, some of which was then expended in raising the level of the casemate battery guns.

With the three ships completing in 1917-18 they never saw any action in WW1. Completely refurbished before the start of WW2, the three ships formed the nucleus of the Mediterranean Fleet during the early years of WW2.

Rebuilding of the Barfleur class followed earlier classes with new superstructure, propulsion systems, armour, anti-torpedo bulges, aircraft handling facilities, heavy and light AA weapons.


Displacement 30,000 tons standard, 34,600 tons full load 32,200 tons standard, 36,850 tons full load
Length 673 feet 673 feet
Breadth 95 feet (107 feet over bulges)
Draught 32 feet 30 feet
Machinery 4 shaft, steam turbines, 80,000shp geared turbines, 4 shafts, 90,000shp
Speed 25 knots 26 knots
Armour 13" belt, 2.5" deck, 13"/9"/5" turrets 13" belt, 5.5" deck, 13"/9"/5" turrets
Armament As completed
9 x 15 (3x3)
12 x 6 (12x1)
4 x 4" AA (4x1)
4 x 2pd (4x1)
As rebuilt to 1941
9 x 15 (3x3)
20 x 4.5 (10x2)
56 x 2pd (7x8)
36 x 20mm (36x1)
Aircraft nil 3
Torpedoes 4 x 21" submerged nil
Complement 1020 (1100 as flagship) 1280
Notes: HMS Barfleur 10/1917

HMS Trafalgar 01/1918

HMS Camperdown 04/1918

The 40 degree elevation helped the guns achieve a respectable 36,500 yard range.  Putting the bits that go bang together.

My original rebuild drawing. While it was ok, I forgot a few things and was using old parts which did not enhance the drawing at all.


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