IJN Kurama (ADV-1911 (1928-mod))


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Rated as battlecruisers from completion, they were more semi-dreadnought armoured cruisers, which was a bit of a mouthfull so the BC designation was probably out of ease of linguistics. As armoured cruisers in the Washington Treaty era they could not have been kept as cruisers and would have had to have been included in the battleship tonnage, an area the Japanese already did not have enough of.

This meant that the Ibuki and Kurama would have to be converted to ancillary duties if the Japanese wished to keep them. Like other ships in this category the Kurama's started their careers as training ships with the 8" side turret guns being removed and boilers being disconnected.

In 1925 the ships were taken in hand for conversion to Area Defence Vessels, which entailed the stripping out of all superstructure from aft of the aftmost funnel, a new hangar and catapults were fitted on the after half of the ships' stern areas. The three funnels were trunked into one to give the ship a more modern look. A cruiser style bridge was fitted. The ships combined the roles of Monitor, Seaplane Carrier and anti-aircraft cruiser in one ship. These were extremely useful ships and were able to carry out the duties as training ships in times of peace.


Displacement 14,600 tons std, 17,450 tons full load
Length 485 ft
Breadth 75 ft
Draught 26 ft
Machinery 2 shaft Steam turbines, 24,000shp
Speed 22 knots
Range 3,500 miles at 18 knots
Armour 7" side, 2" deck, 7" turrets.
Armament 2 x 12" (1x2)

10 x 5" (5x2)

36 x 25mm (12x3)

Aircraft 3-8
Torpedoes nil
Complement 940
Notes IJN Kurama (1905-1911)

IJN Ibuki (1905-1911)



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