IJN Kashima (ADV-1906 (1927-mod))


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The japanese have never been great innovators but are superlative copiers. The Japanese spies (every Sushi Bar has one) had been reporting on the British and Australis conversions of the old pre-dreadnoughts to Area Defence Vessels. The Japanese were quite happy to do the same to their older semi-dreadnoughts for similar usage. The Japanese had more attack oriented roles in mind for their vessels as well. With so many small islands to control and garrison these ships were ideal. Halve the hangar to hold 2-3 seaplanes and several hundred troops the ships could visit all the little islands and islets dropping off squads and quelling any resistance with it guns and aircraft.

The ships were increasingly modernised from 1919 when they were first demilitarised to training ships with guns and boilers being removed. 1925 saw them being renovated to their final duties as Area Defence Vessels. Utilising parts and boilers from the later refurbished ships these two vessels were converted to oil firing turbine engined units.


Displacement 15,800 tons std, 18,250 tons full load
Length 473 ft
Breadth 78 ft
Draught 26 ft
Machinery 2 shaft Steam turbines, 24,000shp
Speed 22 knots
Range 3,900 miles at 18 knots (12,000 @ 10)
Armour 9" side, 3" deck, 9.5"-7" turrets.
Armament 2 x 12" (1x2)

6 x 5" (3x2)

33 x 25mm (11x3)

Aircraft 3-9 depending on duties
Torpedoes nil
Complement 980
Notes IJN Kashima (1904-1906)

IJN Katori (1903-1906)


IJN Kashima as completed. The single 10" guns were removed as part of the demilitarisation process and the guns wound up as coastal artillery in the Japanese held Islands like the Iwo Archipelago.


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