Italian Navy


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The Italian Navy has always been ridiculed as being a navy of cowards. The Bartolomeo Corleoni ran and was caught. The Vittorio Veneto ran and escaped but lost 3 cruisers at Matapan. No navy needlessly throws major units away, if your ship(s) can escape from a superior force then that is what it/they should do. That is common sense, not cowardice. If you want some deeds of derring do then the Italian light forces showed what they could do when acting as escorts to the convoys being fought accross the Mediterranean from Italy to North Africa. When allowed to the Italian forces fought well in a war they never wanted in the first place.

Regia Marina (RM)

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RM Torino (BCV) 01 1935
RM Livorno (BC) 04 1934
RM Caracciolo (CV) 01 1928
RM Dante Alighieri (BB/TS) 01 1913
RM Regina Elena (BB/TS) 04 1908
RM Alberto Di Giussano (CLA) 06 1930



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