IRN Mustango (DDL-1936)


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One of the first collaborations with the Germanic States shipyards which were trying to bring the Iberians into their sphere of influence. The latest Kriegsmarine destroyer design was given to the Iberian Navy whose designers altered the design from the 5-6x5.1" it was originally armed with to an armament that they could provide themselves, namely eight of the 4.5" guns in four twin turrets. This gave a very good large destroyer able to compete on an even field with the big French and Italian 'Destroyer/Cruiser' designs of the Mogador/Romani types.

With a heavy light AA armament of 2 pounder and 20mm cannons the ships could also be fitted for minelaying. These were the Iberian offensive minelayers. If a minefield was to be laid in enemy waters then this was the class of ships that did the work. Though smaller than the Almirante Cervera class AA cruiser conversion, these ships were better armed. Laid down in pairs the last pair completed during 1939 which meant the the whole class was available when Iberia entered WW2 in 1940.


Displacement 2,650 tons std, 3,350 tons full load
Length 415 ft
Breadth 39.5 ft
Draught 16 ft
Machinery 2 shaft geared turbines, 70,000shp
Speed 37 knots
Range 4500 at 15 knots
Armour 1.5" turrets
Armament 8 x 4.5" (4x2)

12 x 2pd" (3x4)

10 x 20mm (4x2 2x1)

Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4)
Mines Up to 40 mines could be carried
Complement 330
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Mustango class with modified bridge structure late 1943 early 1944.


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