RHNS Santorini (ML-1928)


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Based on the thought to be successful Condottiero  type Italian cruisers, the Greeks had oredered 2 minelayers as part of the "Kilkis" project where the old pre-dreadnoughts would supply the weapons and other fittings towards the building of 5 ships. The Santorini class utilised the 7" guns of which there was 8 on each ship to be fitted to the new construction. These were fitted in 2 twin turrets and 4 casemate fittings.

Greeces main defence was to mine the entrances to the various channels that led through the Greek Islands and would make life difficuilt for any aggressor. This included the Dardanelles and other points along the Turkish coast. To do those duties required a ship with speed to get to the laying point and back in cover of darkness. So although the Santorinis were of light cruiser size they had very little armour. Their defence was speed.


Displacement 6,500 tons std 7,400 tons full load
Length 555.5 ft
Breadth 51 ft
Draught 17.5 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 97,500shp
Speed 37 knots
Range 2500 miles at 32 knots
Armour 1" side, 1" deck, 2" turrets & Casemates
Armament 8 x 7" (2x2, 4x1)

6 x 3.9" (3x2)

4 x 37mm (2x2)

6 x 20mm (6x1)

Mines 350
Torpedoes nil
Complement 540



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