GRN Serbia (DD-1916)


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The setting up of Galicia did not receive 100% acclamation from the world powers, so to show its full support to the new country the United Kingdom ensured that there were four of the M class destroyers waiting to escort each of the Galicians new capital ships from Trieste to Constanta on the Black Sea coast. The escort was then formally turned over to the Galician navy and the crews sent home by rail. This gave the Galician Navy sixteen of the very handy M class ships which at time of arrival were no more than 4-5 years old. The UK had hundreds of the L, M, R, S classes of destroyer all much of a size and design which needed to be reduced by treaty so 'giving' some to Galicia and Polisthova was a quick way to reduce the numbers.

Untill the ships of the Montenegro class started arriving in service during the early 1930's the Serbias were the lead destroyers for the Galician Navy. It was not untill 1938 that there were enough Montenegros in service to allow the Serbias to receive some much needed updates. The old low angle 4" guns were finally replaced with modern 88mm L56/36 dual purpose  weapons one fore and one aft, the mid 4" being replaced with a twin 37mm AA mounting. Several single 20mm mounts were added during the same period. On completion of this work half of the class was transferred to the Adriatic fleet.


Displacement 1,050 tons std  1,350 tons full load
Length 276 ft
Breadth 27.5 ft
Draught 10.5 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 25,000shp
Speed 34 knots
Range 4000 miles at 12 knots (1200 at 30 knots)
Armour nil
Armament 2 x 88mm (2x1)

2 x 37mm (1x2)

5 x 20mm (5x1)

Mines fitted to carry 40 max
Torpedoes 6 x 21" (2x3)
Complement 90
Notes GRN Serbia


Admiralty M class destroyer as received at Constanta 1919-23.


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