GRN Romagnia (BC-1941)


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Having updated the Russian dreadnoughts, I thought I had better build them something to fight.

With the Transilvania under construction the Galician Navy looked at what to build next. Another battlecruiser would be good to match the Russian, Turkish and Greek ships. It was during the later 1930's that the Galician Navy had finished receiving their assistance from the British and started getting assistance from the Germanic States. With a new battlecruiser being contemplated, the Germanic states sent designs that were currently under production or being considered. The new 13.8" gun system details were made available to Galicia and this would be of a size with the ordnance aboard their potential enemies ships.

A slightly larger hull than that of the Transilvania would be required with an all round increase of armour and machinery, to give a decent increase of overall staying power.

These were a reduced Scharnhorst type with a smaller hull. There was no need of the ultra long range required by the big Germanic States ships when you are operating in the Black Sea or Mediterranean. The triple 13.8" were a magnificent weapon and outperformed the other 13.5"-15" guns in other navies. The domestic 125mm (4.9") twin dual purpose guns were fitted with four turrets per side. The Galician's had the British 2 pounder AA guns as there heavy weapons in quad and octuple mountings. More and more 20mm weapons were added in the German style in single and quad mountings. Electronics were slowly fitted as they could be sourced from the Germanic States, whose ships were the first priority. Happenings in the Black Sea had a low priority till Germany invaded Russia in 1941.

Displacement 30,400 tons std, 35,400 tons full load
Length 737 ft
Breadth 96 ft
Draught 27 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbines, 160,000shp
Speed 32 knots
Range 8000 miles at 15 knots (3000 at 28knots)
Armour 11" side, 5.1" deck, 11"/8"/5.9" turrets
Armament 9 x 13.8" (3x3)

12 x 4.9" (6x2)

48 x 2pd (2x8, 8x4)

40 x 20mm (10x4)

Aircraft 2
Torpedoes nil
Complement 1950
Notes GRN Romagnia - 1941



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