CSS Sampson (DDL-1943)


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The Sampson class large destroyers were built exclusively to escort the Manzanillo class CV's. They sported the same single 5.1" automatic weapon system as fitted to the Manzanillos. While only fitted with four guns, those guns fired 2 1/2 times as fast as the standard semi-auto 4.5"-5.3" dual purpose guns fitted in other navies. This required very large magazines to carry three times the standard load of shells. The new guns coupled with the advances in RADAR, the ships became deadlier month by month. The original four quad 40mm sets were replaced in 1944 with the first of the twin 3" automatic AA weapons. The heavier weapons and accuracy was required by the greater knockdown capability needed to splash the Japanese Kamikaze aircraft. The smaller 40mm and 20mm cannons were good enough to damage the Japanese aircraft and against other enemies that would be enough to have them withdraw from battle but with the Japanese the aircraft had to be destroyed or it would be visiting aboard ship, with disastrous results.

These were large, fast, multi-role combat craft designed to be as equally good at ASW duties as AA duties. Their capabilities against surface targets was pretty cool as well. The above is in its 1945 fit out.


Displacement 3,450 tons std 4,300 tons full load
Length 460 ft
Breadth 47 ft
Draught 22 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines 80,000shp
Speed 37 knots
Range 10,000 miles at 15 knots (3,000 nm at 28 knots)
Armour nil
Armament 4 x 5.1" (4x1)

8 x 3" (4x2)

Aircraft nil
Torpedoes 10 x 21" (2x5)
Complement 315
Notes CSS Sampson



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