HMS Dido (CLA-1938+)


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Like a lot of the Royal navy classes the Dido's were completed in 3 batches or more. All of the ships shared the same hull dimensions and propulsion plant. The first batch were completed with 10 x 5.25" in 5 twin turrets, 3 forward and 2 aft, with two raked funnels. This batch had to have the third forward turret removed as topweight became a problem for these ships with the extra equipment fitted to them during the war. The second batch were fitted with 8 x 5.25" in 4 twin turrets with two upright funnels. The final batch were fitted with 8 x 6" utilising the turrets removed from Nelson on her refit, spares from the Leander class and other twin 6". The final batch were also fitted for minelaying.


HMS Royalist (CLA-1943 (1960-mod))

The batch two ships that survived the war went on to long careers with overseas buyers. The class as a whole having sparred with Italian Battleships and cruisers in the Mediterranean, dodged Kamikazes in the Pacific and been there with the Pacific Fleet to see the surrender of the Japanese in Tokyo Bay.


HMS Galatea (CLM-1943)

The Arethusa class utilised the spare twin 6" removed from the Nelson's and Invincible as the 5.25" turret was under severe pressure to have enough built as they used the same lines as the 4.5" turret and that turret was a priority for the destroyer construction program.

The Y twin turret was unable to be used whle the ship was carrying its mine complement.


Displacement 5,000 tons std 6,500 tons full load
Length 512 ft
Breadth 51 ft
Draught 14.5 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbines, 65,500shp
Speed 33 knots
Range 1500 miles at 30 knots

4500 miles at 18 knots

Armour 3" side, 1" deck, 1.5" turrets
Armament Dido

10 x 5.25 (5x2)

8 x 2pd (2x4)

8 x 20mm (2x2 4x1)



8 x 5.25" (4x2)

6 x 40mm (3x2)

4 x 40mm (4x1)



6 x 6" (3x2)

8 x 4" (4x2)

8 x 2pd (2x4)

12 x 20mm (2x2 8x1)

Mines 150+ Galatea only
Torpedoes 6 x 21" (2x3) Dido class only
Complement 480

Batch 1: HMS Dido, HMS Naiad, HMS Argonaut, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Charybdis, HMS Hermione, HMS Phoebe, HMS Arethusa

Batch 2: HMS Bellona, HMS Sirius, HMS Royalist, HMS Black Prince, HMS Euryalus, HMS Spartan, HMS Juno, HMS Minerva

Batch 3: HMS Galatea, HMS Penelope, HMS Scylla.


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