Chilean Navy

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Since I keep the requisitioned Almirantes Latorre and Cochrane as Canada and Eagle, something must be done to redress these wrongs. So I give the Chileans a complete battlefleet. 3 Battleships (KGV-1913), 1 Battlecruiser (Invincible), 4 Cruisers (Boadicea), 3 DD Leaders (Botha), 12  Destroyers (M class), 8 Minesweeper/Escorts (Hunt class). This of course sparks a new arms race in South America where Brazil and Argentina cannot let Chile jump 2/3 Capital ships in front of them. The race is on. (More South American ships to come)


Chile (CNS)

Class Name


First Date

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Aircraft Carriers

Battleships / Battlecruisers

Coquimbo (BC) 1 1937
Valparaiso (BB) 3 1912-13
Atacama (BC) 1 1908

Heavy / Light Cruisers

Capitan Prat (CA) 2 1935-37
Santiago (CL) 4 1909-10


Almirante Lynch (DDL) 5 1914-15
Serrano (DD) 6 1928-32
Sarmiento Lake (DD) 20 1916-17


Valdiva River (MS) 8 1916


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