BNS Roraima (CL-1934)


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Utilising bits and pieces from the previous Tocantins class cruisers, Brazil ordered a class of 4 Light cruisers that were classed as Patrol Cruisers. Over a 100 feet smaller than the Tocantins type the ships kept the same bridge superstructure layouts fore and aft but replaced the four twin turrets of 9.2" with two triple turrets of 6".

The ships were broad for their length of hull to take the triple 6" turrets and also to enable the secondary armament to be the twin 4.5" turrets which did require a wider hull. The layout used in these ships prompted the upgrade of the Tocantins from their original layout to the layout used in this class. These were not to be fast ships and a speed of 28-30 knots was considered satisfactory for their role. The ships excellent AA armament for their size meant they could operate closer to the coast than some of the older classes. Armour was standard except the deck armour which was about an inch thicker than contemporaries.


Displacement 7,500 tons std 10,250 tons full load
Length 503 ft
Breadth 66 ft
Draught 22 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 50,000shp
Speed 29 knots
Range 8500 miles at 16 knots
Armour 4" side, 2.5" deck, 3" turrets
Armament 6 x 6" (2x3)

12 x 4.5" (6x2)

12 x 2pd (3x4)

12 x 20mm (12x1)

Aircraft 2
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4)
Complement 575
Notes BNS Roraima (Comp. 09/1934)



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